Are You the One?

We are looking for one man or woman who wants to run the world from your desk at home, the one that wants to make six figures and deal exclusively with business owners. It’s time to ditch the retail grind, and build a business based on your magnetic personality and the power of the services we provide, that can literally double a business’ profits. Do you want to be the guy that makes THE DIFFERENCE for 10 or 20 business owners out there? That’s all it will take for you to make $100k plus – 10 new friends.

I Can Make 10 New Friends

Sales at Its Finest

The digital world has created ENDLESS sales opportunities and polite ways to introduce yourself. You aren’t scared to send an email on Linked In because you know that you can provide something that person needs – based on your personal research of their company.

Tech Savvy

You aren’t an idiot when it comes to social media, you know your way around a website and its components, and you understand the difference between good and great. You have an idea what PHP is and you’re willing to learn about .Net. You recognize the way apps are changing the world.

You Are Hungry!

You want to make $100k so you can enjoy your life and provide for your family – and you want it more than anything! You know that a great sales opportunity can mean the difference between freedom and failure. You want to be able to work from ANYWHERE and make your own hours.

Managed Web Design & Marketing

This is the service you will be promoting, a service every business needs (but not all can afford) – the perfect blend of technical website management, artistic, high-converting web design, SEO, social media management, email marketing and more.  The marketing department they wish they had, and now they will – because of you.

No Ifs, Ands or Butts About It!

This is your shot to be a part of a dynamic team at the onset of its growth to a million-dollar agency. This is your chance to get the biggest long-term slice of the pie for the clients you bring in, 40% commission plus a bonus 10% when we hit 20k / month together. After we firm up our sales plan, you will also be first in line to manage all sales into the future. Big money bro. And a career in technology helping other people achieve their dreams.


Start your own business, (which is officially $50 at the Oregon Business Registry), and I will build you a website and the marketing material needed to start closing deals for your own company – and be here to do the hosting, website, marketing, and software development your clients require. You mark the work up as much as you can, consult with the clients and own your own destiny.

The Time is Now

I’m not waiting for you – I’m looking for someone JUST LIKE YOU. This website was written to find YOU. You are the ONE. You are Neo. I’m Morpheus. Red or the blue pill?

I'll Take the Blue Pill